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lecture: Love Sweat Love

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Lauryn Mannigel, based in Berlin, works as an artist, curator, and researcher at the intersection of art informed by the humanities and the sciences. Her passion for smell led her to co-found the Smell Lab Spektrum (2015, Berlin) and to organize the Smell Lab reading group (2015, Berlin). Since 2016 she curates the Sensory Culture Club reading group (Berlin).

Lauryn is currently investigating how we affectively perceive human body scents we feel attracted to. This is part of a longer-term artistic research project exploring the aesthetic potential and socio-cultural influence on the affective perception-cognition of human body scent.

For Museumnacht Amsterdam 2016, Mediamatic invited her to develop the olfactory dating performance Love Sweat Love, which was co-produced by Mediamatic. The public — playing a crucial role — activated the performance by collecting their body scents, as well as smelling and selecting their favorites from a large collection of body scents. They were guided through the smelling process by a short survey.

At the tea house, Lauryn will unveil her process and insights into the affective perception of body scent that result from this performance. The public will also be invited to explore other's body scent.

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Day: 2017-12-28
Start time: 21:30
Duration: 00:30
Room: Teahouse
Track: Teahouse


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